Hillsborough DWI Attorney
The Hillsborough Municipal Court located at 379 South Branch Road will hear your case if you are charged with Driving While Intoxicated or Refusal to submit to a breath test by the Hillsborough police.

A DWI charge for alcohol or drugs, including prescription drugs, is a serious offense. A guilty plea means significant fines and a mandatory loss of license up to 12 months on a first offense, 2 years on a second offense and 10 years on a third offense.

A Refusal charge is equally as serious. A guilty plea will result in the same license suspension as a DWI. Also, your suspension on the Refusal charge will run consecutively to the DWI suspension, unless it is part of a plea agreement to a first offense in which both suspensions may run concurrently.

Once your license is suspended, you cannot drive for any reason during the period of suspension. This includes travel to and from work, use of your vehicle in an emergency, to receive medical care or even go to the grocery store. There are no conditional or provisional licenses in New Jersey.

Additionally, New Jersey classifies a DWI charge as a motor vehicle offense. This charge cannot be expunged.
Always consult an attorney before you plead guilty
At Lenahan & Rockwell, our experienced Hillsborough Municipal Court attorneys know New Jersey's drunk driving law and will throughly investigate the charges against you to determine if the police had a lawful basis to stop your vehicle, administer any field sobriety tests or request a breath or blood sample to assess the level of alcohol or drugs, including prescribed drugs, in your system.

To discuss your case with one of our Hillsborough DWI attorneys, fill out our contact form or contact us at 908-231-7900 in Bridgewater or 732-761-1311 in Freehold.
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